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Giving Religion more privileges, erodes Secular Freedoms,
such as the right to criticize & be free of Religious influences:
body-shaming, fear-mongering, misogyny, homophobia, superstition.
Fundamentalist ReligionFreedom FROM Religion v5_100EDUCATION for GIRLS v9  8x11" / L'Éducation des Filles v9 (20x28cm)HIJAB & NIQAB = SHARIA  9x6_100BURKINI PROTEST Topless v6_ALT_100WOMEN & GLASS CEILINGS v2_100FREEDOM FROM RELIGION  /  Liberté SANS Religion 20x28cmFEAR of ISLAM v2_100SHARIA VOTE v1_10x10_100RELIGIOUS PRIVILEGES v2_100NO SHARIA IN CANADA  v3_100NO SHARIA BILL v2_200RELIGION INVERSE PROPORTION 300"FEMALE GENITAL MUTILATION" v15_8x11_300dpiISLAM DAUGHTER v5_100ISLAM Restrictions  v7_100ISLAM SON go DANCING v9_100MOTHERS AGAINST_JIHAD_3_10x5_300MUSLIM_WOMEN_wind-in-hair_v3NIQAB is Not a VEIL it is a MASK

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