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John Corso(non-registered)
Charles, important work, thanks for putting it out there into the universe. Your dance poster really resonated with me, thanks.
Greg van Riel(non-registered)
Great work as always! Love your eye fro graphics, composition, and subject matter!
Thoughtful, engaging, and provocative work, Charles. Thank you for sharing with me!
Jo-Anne Kennedy(non-registered)
Thanks you Charles. Beautiful work from a lovely open spirit.
Denis Conway(non-registered)
Impressive work, Charles!
Lidka Schuch(non-registered)
Great work, Charles! Inspiring, important, strong.
Jim Kinney(non-registered)
It is always nice when someone shares their work. I like the theme of freedom. Freedom For ALL...including those with belief systems that may be in direct opposition with our own. ;-) Keep the creativity front and centre.
Tom Supra(non-registered)
Such important ideas to share here. I had no idea about your history - obviously, it is an essential component to your work here. Enjoyed the online gallery.
Charles , Thank you for sharing with the World finally.
Your vision of the world is an open dialogue to see and try to understand
diversity and freedom to all .
Your work is very unique and challenging to some people.
Your technique and talent mix your creativity , is a gift to the world.
I hope to see your next project, in the near future.
Nice works Charles. Thanks for sharing your hard work and vision with all of us. Visually very strong statements. Looking forward to new additions.
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