Susan Fisch(non-registered)
Hey my darling, haven't been here in way too long. Incredible work. I love your Twitter entries, and I don't remember reading the Eulogy to Simone. Very touching indeed.
John Corso(non-registered)
Charles, important work, thanks for putting it out there into the universe. Your dance poster really resonated with me, thanks.
Greg van Riel(non-registered)
Great work as always! Love your eye fro graphics, composition, and subject matter!
Thoughtful, engaging, and provocative work, Charles. Thank you for sharing with me!
Jo-Anne Kennedy(non-registered)
Thanks you Charles. Beautiful work from a lovely open spirit.
Denis Conway(non-registered)
Impressive work, Charles!
Lidka Schuch(non-registered)
Great work, Charles! Inspiring, important, strong.
Jim Kinney(non-registered)
It is always nice when someone shares their work. I like the theme of freedom. Freedom For ALL...including those with belief systems that may be in direct opposition with our own. ;-) Keep the creativity front and centre.
Tom Supra(non-registered)
Such important ideas to share here. I had no idea about your history - obviously, it is an essential component to your work here. Enjoyed the online gallery.
Charles , Thank you for sharing with the World finally.
Your vision of the world is an open dialogue to see and try to understand
diversity and freedom to all .
Your work is very unique and challenging to some people.
Your technique and talent mix your creativity , is a gift to the world.
I hope to see your next project, in the near future.
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