FREEDOM FROM RELIGION  /  Liberté SANS Religion 20x28cmFREEDOM FROM RELIGION / Liberté SANS Religion 20x28cmReligion is not only
text from holy books.
Religion is everything
that is done/committed
in the name of religion.
La religion est non seulement
le texte des livres sacré.
La religion est tout
qui est engagé dans
nom de la religion.
Din kutsal kitaplar
yalnızca metin değil.
Din Din adına yapılan
her şeydir.
الدين ليس النص فقط
من الكتب المقدسة.
الدين هو كل شيء
أن تلتزم في
باسم الدين.
EDUCATION for GIRLS v9  8x11" / L'Éducation des Filles v9 (20x28cm)EDUCATION for GIRLS v9 8x11" / L'Éducation des Filles v9 (20x28cm)This poster is dedicated to Malala Yousafzai.
She was 16 years old, in Pakistan, when she was shot in the head by the Taliban ~for wanting an education. After months of medical treatment, she continues to campaign for girls' education around the world.

Cette affiche est dédiée à Malala Yousafzai.
Elle était âgée de 16 ans, au Pakistan, quand elle a été tiré dans la tête par les talibans ~ de vouloir une éducation. Après des mois de traitement médical, elle continue de faire campagne pour l'éducation des filles dans le monde entier.

ويكرس هذا الملصق إلى ملالا يوسف زي. الفتاة الباكستانية البالغة من العمر ستة عشر أرادت التعليم. أطلق النار على طالبان في رأسها لإسكاتها. بعد أشهر من العلاج الطبي، وقالت انها لا تزال مستمرة لتعزيز تعليم الفتيات.

اس پوسٹر ملالہ یوسف زئی کے لیے وقف ہے. اس سولہ سالہ پاکستانی لڑکی ایک تعلیم چاہتا تھا. لہذا طالبان نے اس کو خاموش کرنے کے لئے سر پر گولیاںماریں. طبی علاج کے مہینوں کے بعد ملالہ دنیا بھر میں لڑکیوں کی تعلیم کے فروغ کے لئے جاری ہے.
"We shall fight them on the beaches"

RUSSIA GAY 8x11  / Russie Gay 20x28cmRUSSIA GAY 8x11 / Russie Gay 20x28cmGay citizens of Russia
suffer oppression from
church and state.

But will not stay silent.

Citoyens Gays de Russie
souffrent l'oppression
de l'église et de l'Etat.

Mais ne restera pas silencieuse.

Гей российские граждане
страдают от угнетения
церковь и государство.
Но не молчать.
Fundamentalist ReligionFundamentalist ReligionFundaMENTALism
Not a RACE

Religious Privilege
erodes Secular Freedom
to get rid of the POWER
of CHURCHES over
governments & societies


History has proof
We tried to warn you…
NO SHARIA IN CANADA  v3_100NO SHARIA IN CANADA v3_100What are Canadian values?
NO SHARIA in Canada !!
Politicians who pander
to SHARIA Fanatics
are supporters of Sharia
given to RELIGION,
brings more restrictions
for everyone

Freedom FROM Religion
Freedom of Speech

SECULAR Fundamentalists?  V4_100SECULAR Fundamentalists? V4_100WHY ?!
is SECULAR Government
Pandering to Fundamentalists?

Then why not EQUALLY
to all Fundamentalists?
"FEMALE GENITAL MUTILATION" v15_8x11_300dpi"FEMALE GENITAL MUTILATION" v15_8x11_300dpi125 million girls and young women today have been genitally mutilated. "Female Circumcision" is practiced mostly in Africa and parts of the Middle East, but has accompanied migrants to Europe and elsewhere. Girls before age 15 are held down by female family members or attendants hired by Imams and cut ~against their will. Usually the clitoris is cut and 8000 nerve ending go numb for the life of the female. In some regions, as well, the labia are cut and part of the vagina sewn up. This practice is needless barbaric maiming. It must stop!
125 millions de filles et les jeunes femmes d'aujourd'hui ont subi des mutilations génitales. "Circoncision féminine" est pratiquée principalement en Afrique et dans certaines parties du Moyen-Orient, mais a accompagné les migrants vers l'Europe et ailleurs. Filles avant 15 ans sont détenus par les membres féminins de la famille ou des agents recrutés par des imams et coupées ~ contre leur volonté. Habituellement, le clitoris est coupé et 8000 terminaisons nerveuses se engourdir pour la vie de la femelle. Dans certaines régions, ainsi, les lèvres sont coupées et une partie du vagin cousu. Cette pratique est la mutilation barbare inutile. Il doit cesser!
125 مليون الفتيات والنساء الشابات اليوم تعرضن لتشويه أعضائهن التناسلية. "ختان الإناث" يمارس معظمهم في أفريقيا وأجزاء من الشرق الأوسط، ولكن صاحبت المهاجرين إلى أوروبا وأماكن أخرى. وتعقد الفتيات قبل سن 15 بنسبة أفراد الأسرة من الإناث أو الحاضرين الذين عينتهم الأئمة وقطع ~ رغما عنهم. وعادة ما يتم قطع البظر و 8000 الأعصاب نهاية يذهب خدر لحياة الأنثى. في بعض المناطق، وكذلك، يتم قطع الشفرين وجزء من المهبل مخيط يصل. هذه الممارسة هي التشويه الهمجي داعي لها. ويجب أن تتوقف!
HOT BURKA WOMAN  8x11 (20x28cm)HOT BURKA WOMAN 8x11 (20x28cm)It must be really hot
under all that cloth...

Place this poster beside
public air conditioners.

Il doit être vraiment
chaud sous toute cette toile ...

Placez cette affiche
à côté de climatiseurs publics.

ISLAM DAUGHTER v5_100ISLAM DAUGHTER v5_100The daughter of a
Fundamentalist Muslim
refuses to marry an old man
in an arranged marriage.

Stand up for your rights!
ISLAM Restrictions  v7_100ISLAM Restrictions v7_100 ISLAM SON go DANCING v9_100ISLAM SON go DANCING v9_100MUSLIM SON refuses to
listen to incitement to violence
from his father. He says,
"Dad, Teach me the beauty
of my religion or else
I'm going dancing."

MOTHERS AGAINST JIHAD 3_10x5_300MOTHERS AGAINST JIHAD 3_10x5_300Save Your Sons & Daughters MUSLIM WOMEN wind in the hair v3MUSLIM WOMEN wind in the hair v3Muslim women who escaped severeTheocracies to freely feel the wind in their hair EQUALITY UNDER the LAW v7_100EQUALITY UNDER the LAW v7_100There is an actual NUDE CHURCH in Virginia. To become Canadian Citizens they should be able to be nude during the Citizenship ceremony. Equality under the law.

NIQAB is Not a VEIL it is a MASKNIQAB is Not a VEIL it is a MASK The UnVEILING (burqa)The UnVEILING (burqa)<span class="large">Some Muslim women<br/> hide behind veils as shields<br/> against the groping eyes of men.<br/> But alluring smells pass<br/> through cloth&hellip;</span> GAY MUSLIMS v5GAY MUSLIMS v5GAYS are viewed as criminals
in Muslim countries, especially by Fundamentalists.

CLIMATE REFUGEES v2_300CLIMATE REFUGEES v2_300What will Europe be like in 10 years ? DDROPS of Water Tidal-WaveDDROPS of Water Tidal-Wave Stockholm Syndrome 2  ~the SequelStockholm Syndrome 2 ~the Sequel<span class="large"><strong>HISTORY REPEATS ITSELF </strong></span><br/> <span class="large"><strong>on a much larger scale.</strong></span><br/> <span class="large"><strong>EUROPE HELD HOSTAGE</strong></span><br/> <br/> <strong>​&quot;STOCKHOLM SYNDROME&quot;</strong><span class="large"> is named after the <a href="" target="_blank">Norrmalmstorg robbery</a> in <a href="" target="_blank">Stockholm</a>, <a href="" target="_blank">Sweden</a>. During the crime, several bank employees were held hostage in a bank vault for 5days in 1973, while their captors negotiated with police. During this standoff, the victims became emotionally attached to their captors and defended them.</span><br/> <br/> <span class="large"><strong>Stockholm syndrome</strong>, or <em><strong>CAPTURE-BONDING</strong></em>, is a psychological phenomenon in which hostages express empathy and sympathy and have positive feelings toward their captors.</span><br/> <span class="large"><a href="" target="_blank">Freudian theory</a>. <em>Traumatic Bonding </em>suggests that bonding is the individual's response to trauma in becoming a victim to any aggressor. Identifying with the aggressor is one way that the ego defends itself.</span><br/> <a href="" target="_blank">Stockholm syndrome - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia</a>

ISIS is not new  10x5_100ISIS is not new 10x5_100"Religion is everything that is done in the name of Religion…" HAGIA SOPHIA CHURCH Ayasofia  v3HAGIA SOPHIA CHURCH Ayasofia v3<a href="" target="_blank">Hagia Sophia</a><br/>Built in 537 AD in Constantinople<br/> as a Greek Orthodox <a href="" target="_blank">Christian</a> <a href="" target="_blank">basilica</a> .<br/> The city was invaded, conquered by Muslim hoards; renamed Istanbul. <a href="" target="_blank">Hagia Sophia</a> was converted to a mosque in 1453 with Islamic symbols added. Other Christian churches were also converted to mosques o burned. BASTARDS!! TURKISH CHRISTIAN GENOCIDES v2TURKISH CHRISTIAN GENOCIDES v2Turkey still refuses to acknowledge it's Christian genocides

ISIS DAESH CalipHATE 4_10x5_100ISIS DAESH CalipHATE 4_10x5_100 MERRY CHRISTMAS Happy Birthday JESUSMERRY CHRISTMAS Happy Birthday JESUS<span class="large"><strong>HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESUS</strong></span><br/><span class="large">MERRY CHRISTMAS to the<br/> WHOLE WORLD</span><br/><span class="large">Don't say <em>&quot;Happy Holidays&quot;</em></span><br/><span class="large">Defend your space from Sharia Creep :<br/> whether Christian or atheist. </span><br/>Declare your love of democracy &amp; freedom ~ by saying <strong>Merry Christmas</strong>